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Release Day Blitz of Last Chance by L..P. Dover


Last Chance

by L.P. Dover A Second Chance Novel Publication Date: August 30, 2016 Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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One last chance. That’s all Luke Collins, local bad boy and motocross champion, has to not only find his redemption, but win back the girl he lost. He’ll stop at nothing to make her his, even if it means playing dirty. Lara Jacobs doesn’t want her heart broken again and refuses to give Luke a second chance. After he left her after their one night stand, she ran right into the arms of her close friend, Grayson Moore. He’s always loved her, and he’s determined to make her see he’s what she needs. However, in life nothing goes as planned and tragedy strikes. After a fatal accident nearly claims Lara’s life, she’s left inside a world she can’t remember. Her memories are gone, including those of the men vying for her heart. Grayson sees her loss as a possibility to forget her love for Luke, but Luke sees it as an opportunity to start over. All he wants is one last chance to show her that she’s the one he’s been in love with all along. *** An updated version of One Taste has been included in Last Chance with all new scenes. I highly recommend reading it again. ***

About L.P. Dover

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is a southern belle residing in North Carolina along with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she even began her literary journey she worked in Periodontics enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries. Not only does she love to write, but she loves to play tennis, go on mountain hikes, white water rafting, and you can’t forget the passion for singing. Her two number one fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime and those songs usually consist of Christmas carols. Aside from being a wife and mother, L.P. Dover has written countless novels including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed and Dangerous series, the Royal Shifters series, and her standalone novel, Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read is romantic suspense and she also loves writing it. However, if she had to choose a setting to live in it would have to be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.

My Review:

I am a sucker for 2nd chance romance reads and this is one that will get your attention immediately for it is a killer of a 2nd chance romance and with a love triangle to boot. This story will have you ask the “What if” question like a million times while reading this story. What if I..What if she..What if he…What if they…Im serious, I totally did that up until about the very end. That is how good this story gets you involved in the characters’ lives.
What if you had a chance to start your life all over and get to rewrite your mistake? All by horrible accident and get to rewrite those bad things and start over from scratch and get to make new memories with the right person? Im sure your asking why I would even be saying this but this is because one of the main characters is faced with this – Lara’s life was fading fast , she and Luke were fighting and then suddenly one night changes everything. Life is upended and changes are made in a fast and quick matter.  Life is done over in a re-do  and it’s the only way she can reclaim any happiness is by setting out to make it work for her.
This is a love story that involves two men, Luke and Grayson. One is the ex-boyfriend and one is the best friend who wants to be more. When the near death accident happens, both men try to fight for the love of Lara but do it in a different way. Some of it is underhanded and manipulative all to get the hand of the woman in the center of this man’s game. Last Chance is full of twists and turns that lead to some pretty epic scenes in this story with Lara and Luke. There is a villain in this story and there is, in my opinion, someone who could be considered a villain too. Not mister nice guy---I swear, there were times I got really angry and wanted to stomp on my kindle a few times but I refrained from doing it. The mind games really will get you going, and you will chose a side, which is what I did. I tried not to but in the end, I came to be for #TEAMLUKE. Oh I will be the first to say he isn’t perfect and boy he could drive a person nutty but he loved Lara with an intensity and the 2nd chance they got was unbelievable. This story will have you in tears, will have you in anger and will have you grateful for being alive and for 2nd chances. You will feel a range of emotions in the story so buckle up and get ready to go on a journey.

My rating: 4.5 stars ****
 **I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review***

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