Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ARC Review of Deceitful Choices by C.A Harms

Deceitful Choices by [Harms, C.A.]

indsay and Zack's story will make you think right along with gasp with the intensity of the heat from the passion they put out. Lindsay comes from a bad home, where her parents don’t seem to care about her one way or another but in public put on a front. She has this one good friend who she is glad to have and she gets a chance to get away from it all and go hang out away from the house. She pretends she is 21 –enter Zack, this hot and sexy NAVY SEAL. They put forth this sexual chemistry together and she dare not tell him her true age or she would lose him; he would end up going to jail for statutory rape and he would hate her, is why she didn’t explain to him her true age. So to protect the man she was falling deeply in love with, she never told him her true age. They had this incredible night of passion and with her “Deceitful Choice” , so starts the unravelling of Lindsay’s life. Everything comes apart. Zach walks away from Lindsay and thinks she did it on purpose, then Lindsay is thrown out of her house by her parents for that one night of fun. She needed their help during this rough time after she finds herself with precious cargo and so she does the only thing she can think of—she calls her grandmother and asks for help. From here the story really picks up and there are twists and turns that will fill this story. You will want to put a beat down on a certain someone, you will want to shake Zack, and you will want to hug Lindsay. Yes, we all make mistakes and hers were a doozy but she wasn’t being malicious when she was doing it. All she did was meet her soul-mate and she never gave up after that special night on her love. Oh this is one of those novels that will make you think, and the passion and sexual tension will make you hum. Oh and the angst and anger and regret will have you at times shedding tears and shaking your kindle in shared anger but overall, this will have you celebrating their love. This is one great 2nd chance romance by C.A. Harms. Lindsay is one of those heroines that you root for because she recogines her mistakes and does what she needs to make herself better and owns up to her mistake while Zack is a strong alpha male who loves his mate hard. He is possessive and controlling but all in good ways. Yes, he was harsh at first but when he realized his mistakes, he too, owed up and made sure to be a better mate and lover. This is one of my favorites yet for 2016.

My rating: 4.8 stars ****
**I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review***

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