Sunday, August 7, 2016

ARC Review of Heartless by Winter Renshaw

Heartless by [Renshaw, Winter]

This is one of Ms. Renshaw’s best books –ever! And that’s hard to say because I really enjoy and like all of her books but this book is one that you will find , once you start reading, that you cannot stop until the very end and that you don't want to ever stop and want the story to keep going forever!! There was this mystery of the book and then you have the main characters- Ace and Aidy. Wow, they were totally drawn to each other and fighting it. Well, he was fighting it and being a total jerk about it which caused her to respond in kind. Yet underneath that, sparks were flying and the heat was simmering until it came to a complete boil and when it did-BOOM!. My heart went out to Ace- he was a professional athlete who can no longer be that and there is a secret in his past which causes him his heartbreak and he was totally done wrong by two people he loved in his past which causes him to reject Aicy now but slowly he is opening his heart to her. Aidy is a sweet, kind, loving woman who totally gives of herself and to others and Ace at first rejects that but slowly as the story moves on, he starts to respond. There is this mystery that surrounds how they originally met- its about a book and when you read the story, you will understand. Ace and Aicy are a great couple and make this a phenomenal romance story- there is also a supporting cast of characters that include Aicy’s sister and her cute nephew.
The sexual tension is full of heat and the passion is one that slowly builds until it reaches a crescendo. The ending is one that is completely satisfying and beautiful. Its about how second chances in life are the best and how one’s worst mistakes can really lead to your best thing. I really love this story and the MC and everything about them and how they ended up. I would love to read stories about Ace’s brothers. If they are as hot as Ace, then I definitely can see how they need books written for them.

My rating: 4. 9 stars *****
**I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review***

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