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A View to a Kill by Mandy M Roth Review blog

***A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review*** Sachin is a trained killer who even the hardest warriors fear. In book two, we get to know more about Sachin, who is the head advisor to the king and his mate. Sachin is a bird shifter from another dimension. He rescues Paige from a killer and brings her to a sort of safe house for girls who need help or are in trouble. Paige is young and he visits every so often, she is in love with him and she decides to give him her virginity when she is 21. After they sleep together, he leaves Paige –for he is in a panic so he leaves her and returns to his world. He is fighting his feelings for Paige, refusing to believe that she could be his true mate. A year goes by and Paige is heartbroken but determined to move on from Sachin. She is engaged to marry the local sheriff when Sachin finally makes his return. WOW! Let ne say, some very hot scenes here!! The characters Sachin and Paige were abso-perfect for each other and had me smiling and laughing at their frisky yet lightheartedness fun.. The erotic scenes were Da bomb , for it excited with arousal as I read. *Note to self-*( keep extra panties handy.) Sachin & Paige were one hawt couple and I loved reading about them. This series is getting good. I can’t wait to see what the next book in the series will reflex. The bird shifters are some hunky men and their bedroom skills and Alpha ways leave me craving more. They know how to take care of their women. Ms. Roth writes some exciting paranormal books with an edge in bedroom qualities. Will definitely be reading the next one in the series! . My rating: 4.5 stars **** Purchase Link below

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ARC Review of "Gloria's Forever (Gloria Book 3) "

***A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review*** This was a FANTASTIC ending to Gloria’s story. Her story was a roller coaster of a ride and even this story was heart pounding til the very end. Gloria and Jamie are characters that I #HEART always and will love forever and am sad that this chapter in their story looks to be over. Gloria’s Forever made me laugh, cry, my panties melt, laugh again and sweat in fear until I knew all would be well. Love the great new characters we met and all I have to say is.. Please Please we need more GLORIA!!! You will not go wrong in getting this story, for it is a fantabulous find/read!! My rating: 5 stars *****

ARC Cement Heart- Blog Review

***A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review*** This book has *such* emotional impact that you want to keep tissue handy. This book was utter, sheer, at times heavy yet filled with such angst but the climb back to where things ended up up was perfection. Viper is your well known man junkie. He goes out with multiple women, sometimes at the same time. Viper does the same time, never has a plan to change –seems ok with his lot in life. He doesn’t plan to have a family-it’s not that he doesn’t like kids, as he is fantastic with his teammates’ kids.( oh when he remembers to control his language around the kids) His friends are there for him and help watch his actions and accept him for who he is.. Do they always agree? No, but he is unapologetic because he is who is. I am not going to tell you who Viper’s lady is. There is a VERY good reason. She is someone who has had deep loss and oh , so has Viper. I’m not including very much plot description as part of this review –and there is a very good reason. It would give you spoilers and I want to keep this spoiler free. I won’t share how they met or their journey – my reason? For the not knowing will makes this reading experience so much more poignant. I spent the first part of the book watching Viper’s interactions with the women around him wondering which one would cause him to begin breaking his rules that he has set up in his life, and that conundrum made it even better than if I had been waiting for a specific woman to walk right up and knock on his door. As the story began to unfold, my heart began to break, Viper owned it. You just have to read the story to see why Viper is who is – on the outside he comes across as a jerk but on the inside he is such a sweetheart. Viper just needed the right woman to break down those walls, even if he didn't think that woman was his. And omg, the secondary characters are awesome-Viper’s grandmum is a firecracker. I adore her! I just have to say, you will not go wrong with this Viper and his lady. This is the one of the best books of the year. The journey of the two main characters is rough and emotional, with pain but oh the love that shines through . I really enjoyed every minute, even thru the crying. I LOVED Viper’s story and I cant thank the author for this wonderful story. My rating: 5 stars *****

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My Salvation (Salvation, #1) - Great New Book-Check it Out!!

***A gifted copy was provided by NetGalley for an honest review*** Caliana Crawford is a smart, sexy, gusty, very intelligent yet broke woman. She quit her dead end job and goes home to the cabin by the lake that held so many wonderful memories for her. Cali wants to find herself again, not to feel the negative emotions of late ( betrayal, loss ). She never expected to see Owen Matthews again. Owen was her crush from long ago and although they never really acted on it, she always kept a soft spot in her heart for him. Owen is a very successful man but he has never forgotten Cali. He hasn’t seen her since her aunt’s funeral. Owen has been in love with Cali for a long time but never thought he would get the chance to act on his feelings. Cali and Owen quickly renew their friendship and it turns from friendship into relationship into something deeper. The book takes the reader on a ride of the lives of Cali and Owen, there are many twists and turns –Owen has some things in his past which require him to have a security detail. There are incidents that up that security detail x 10. I want to say now- these people are past help. They are seriously deranged. I do not want to give any spoilers but just understand, they are sick sick *puppies*. The escalating incidents kept me on my toes and kept me continuing to read on in fascination. We get to see throughout the book just what a sweetie Owen is and just how much he cares for / takes care of those he loves. He has a way with words and this is just one time that he is declaring himself to Cali. Owen takes the weight of the world on his shoulders and Cali struggles to take the weight off his shoulders to help with his burden. They make a great couple.In between Cali’s ex-boyfriend causing issues for them and Owen being stalked, the couple faced a lot but the couple worked thru a lot to stand tall and stay together. There was a great secondary cast of characters in this book --Piper, Avery, Ethan, Emily, Steven, Adeline, Erik, Rose, and all their family, friends, and loved ones. I can’t wait to see books for them. I hope Owen’s brother Ethan gets a book next. Overall, I really loved this book and can’t wait to see what is next by this author. I couldn’t put this book down and will ready anything she writes next. My rating: 5.0 stars *****

Cement Hearts blog

by Beth Ehemann
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Lawrence Finkle, known simply to his die-hard Minnesota Wild fans as Viper, isn’t used to hearing the word no. He lives his whole life just a little on the reckless side. After all, life is just one big game, right?


When what was supposed to be an innocent bet goes horribly wrong, he’s left to deal with the aftermath— and the guilt. In an effort to make things right the best way he can, he ends up falling for the one person on the planet he never should have.

The old saying goes that two wrongs don’t make a right . . . or do they?

I found a bench right outside the door at the very moment my legs decided to give out. Who knew a hard-ass concrete bench could be so comforting? I ran my hands through my hair and rested my elbows on my knees, staring at the concrete slab below me. An ant slowly walked up to my foot and stopped. I wondered what it was like to be an ant. Did they have friends and families? Did they accidentally hurt each other? Did they feel guilt? I’d fought like hell my whole life to keep my feelings in check and never let people see them, but the last two days were testing that more than any other time in my life. I didn’t know how much longer I could keep it together.
Praying was something we never did in my house growing up, but at that moment I felt the overwhelming urge to talk out loud to . . . someone.
Looking around to make sure I was alone, I took a deep breath and puffed my cheeks out, exhaling slowly.
I glanced up at the sky for just a second, quickly deciding I probably looked like a moron and that whoever I was going to talk to would probably hear me no matter where I was looking.
“Hey, whoever’s up there. My name is Lawrence Finkle, but you probably know me as Viper. Anyway—” I cleared my throat, suddenly feeling very stupid that I was talking to myself, but so desperate I was willing to do anything. “—we’ve never had what I would call an active relationship, but right now I’m feeling pretty alone down here. I’ve fucked up a lot in my life, as you probably know, but I’ve always been able to talk myself out of any trouble I got into. Well, I’ve finally done something I can’t fix. It was an accident, but I still can’t fix it, and I could really use it at the moment. I don’t really know how this works, but I’m willing to bargain. I’ll do anything—go to church, donate time and money, stop fucking strangers. I mean it, anything . . . just please . . . save my best friend. He’s a good man with a wife and kids who need him. If you need to take someone, take me. No one gives a shit whether I’m here or not.” My eyes started to feel hot and sting as I took another shaky breath.
“Mr. Finkle?”
Startled at the sound of my name, I stood and turned as a camera flashed in my eyes. Squinting and holding my hand up, I tried to block out another flash. “What the fuck?” I growled.
“Hi, Mr. Finkle. I’m Warren Sanders with the Star Tribune here in Minneapolis.” He held his hand out for me to shake. I glared down at it and then back up at him without saying a word. He quickly pulled his hand back and continued, “We heard about what happened yesterday and we were just wondering if we could ask you a few questions. Like, maybe what exactly happened? What’s his current condition? Anything you’re willing to give us.” He held a microphone in my face as the cameraman lifted a different camera onto his shoulder to film me.
Rage shot through me like a bullet shoots out of a gun.
“You want anything I’m willing to give you?” I asked coldly. “Well, I’m going to give you ten seconds to get that motherfucking camera out of my face before I shove that mic up your ass.”
“Uh . . .” he stammered. “We won’t keep you for long. We just want a quick statement.”
Without hesitation, I took three steps and grabbed the camera from the guy behind him, lifted it above my head, and smashed it on the concrete. They both jumped back, their mouths hanging open as they stared at the ground.
“There!” I pointed to the shattered camera as I walked away. “There’s your fucking statement.”

Beth Ehemann lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her husband and four children. When she's not sitting in front of her computer writing, or on Pinterest, she loves reading, photography, martinis and all things Chicago Cubs. She's represented by Jessica Watterson of the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.


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Need Me by Cynthia Eden -ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by NetGalley for an honest review***

*Book 3 in the Dark Obsession Series*

OMG, Ms. Eden writes some of the best books out there and this one is one of the examples.
This is Devlin and Julianna’s story. Julianna is accused of stabbing her wealthy husband to death. She maintains her innocence, but won't reveal all of her secrets. Devlin is a cynic who is suspicious of everyone. He finds himself super attracted to Julianna. Julianna cannot remember the night in question of her husband’s death. Devlin is wondering if she is using him to escape a death sentence and Julianna has to deal with her fear of the leashed violence just under Devlin's surface of calm.
There is so much more in this story than what meets the eye. There is Julianna’s sister –there is a sub level story there which did not get completed. (hint hint) The attraction between Devlin and Julianna was off the charts. I swear, when reading this story, there was some hot , crazy chemistry between Dev and Jules. Then there was something going on between Julianna, her sister Carly and Ethan Barclay. There were so many twists and turns in this story, You as the reader, didn’t know if you were coming or going. The ending was spectacular and I hope to see a story coming for Ethan next.

Need Me was a quick, fast paced read that involved some hot sex, emotional heart pulling, some complex emotions, thrilling suspense and twists and turns that you didn’t expect. I think Ms. Eden is the best for writing these stories and I have to say kudos to her for the fantastic story she wrote. Must Buy story here!!

My rating: 5.0 stars *****

His Absolute Protection: A Scandalous Billionaire Love Story (Jessika, #4) by Cerys du Lys- ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review***

This is another great read by the author in the Absolute series. In this story, we find out Jessika is newly pregnant and Asher is going crazy trying to protect his family from harm. Someone has been sabotaging the family from within and also there has been corporate sabotage by using their friends Luc and Elise to damage their company by using them as the guilty party to damage to company and them.

Throughout this story, there were some twists and turns that had me holding my breath. I found myself at one point thinking the friends were friends when in reality, the friends were enemies(Think of someone really high up in Asher's company and think someone you would least expect) -{No Spoliers here} and the enemies were just somewhat pso-enemies -only time will tell with who is friend and who is foe.

The ending leaves Asher and Jessika in a precarious position and leaves our favorite couple facing the toughest fight ever.

I loved this story and there was some moments that had my panties melting -Asher is definitely a Dom with a capital D. Jessika is so sweet and she loves her man. There are those out to ruin my fav couple and I want them vanquished forever. I gobbled up this story like it was my favorite dark chocolates. You can't just stop with one. There are so many great parts in this story and there are so many twists and turns that made me say "OMG, no you didn't" or " OMG, you're a crazy nutcase" and that is my using polite language. Ms. Du Lys had another hit on her hands. The only thing I hated is I have to wait for part 5 to come out which makes me, her reader, very sad { picture sad eyes here} other than that, WHAT A GREAT , FABULOUS Journey!!

My rating: 5.0 stars *****

Beyond the Darkness by Katie Reus- ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review***

Beyond the Darkness is the 3rd book in the Darkness series by Katie Reus. This is Keelie and Bran’s story.
Dragon shifter Keelin Petronilla spent centuries in forced hibernation dreaming of one thing: freedom. After coming out of protective hibernation for centuries last year, she is finally free and learning to spread her wings and live life. She is out of her clan home and living with the Stavros wolf pack and shortly after Bran followed her. He has a mission, in more ways than one, though winning Keelie over is paramount. But danger is coming and Keelie and Bran find themselves smack dab in the middle of it.

Bran knew than Keelie was his, his mate from the first moment he laid his eyes on her. Bran knows that even though he is the alpha of his pack, it is a position he never wanted to have. Bran wants to make Keelie his mate so bad but what he doesn’t know is Keelie has no intention to mate at all. So while she is at her brother’s pack spreading her wings, Bran is getting ready to fully come and get her to make her his mate and in his heart and mind, failure is not an option.

Beyond the Darkness totally captures you from page 1. Bran and Keelie have insane chemistry that was amazing and their connection was deep and sizzling. There were some misjudgments by Keelie toward Bran but that was cleared up and how Bran loved Keelie was wonderful. Bran wanted indeed to protect her but he would never “suffocate” her – in his eyes, she is his “other half”.

When danger arises, Bran goes all to protect Keelie- even if he has to risk all.
I do not want to give all way. Just have to say. This is a MUST READ!! Fantastic Read! Another 5 Star Read by Ms. Reus!!!

My rating: 5.0 stars *****

The Danger of Destiny: A Mystwalker Novel- ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by NetGalley for an honest review***

This is book 4 in the Mystwalker series. In this book we FINALLY get to see Hedi and Robson working together instead of apart. I enjoyed getting to see them as a unit instead of them being apart. Now, saying that, they aren’t fully together the whole book. (sad face)
In this book Heidi’s twin brother is being held captive by the old mage in another realm. As soon as they arrive in that realm, they are separated BUT they work together. Finally, Heidi accepts all parts of her and owns who and what she was born as
DESTINY takes place mostly in the FAE realm, and is the only book to do so. Not only are there new challenges - they speak a whole “nother” language - but there are new/old enemies and a totally different, completely unfamiliar land and culture as well.

Just to mention, this story picks up about hours after the previous story left off, the author provides just enough back story dusted in so , as the reader, I wasn’t having to go back and re-read. But if you are one of those people who have to wait until a series has a conclusion to go back and read , there isn't SO MUCH back story sprinkled in that it gets old.

Heidi and Robson still have that chemistry that make reading this story wonderful and the fact you know they are *mates*, makes this even better. I just wish that they could spend the WHOLE book together without being separated. I would have given this a 5 star rating if they hadn’t kept separating them. Overall, still a very good paranormal/fantasy read and I will still continue to read the series.

My rating: 4.0 stars ****

Darker Than Desire: A Secrets & Shadows Novel- ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by NetGalley for an honest review***

This is book 3 in the Secrets and Shadows series. Also, there are 3 novellas in this series as well.
You have a mystery that involves multigenerational group of abusers and the subsequent generations, the victims who then often went on to become the next generations of abusers. This book was dark, for sure. The plot slowly unwinds over the series, though each book focuses on a distinct couple that works out their own relationship issue and/or issues during the course of that particular book.

In this book we have Caine Yoder who goes by the name David Sutter- who is known as an Amish man. He has been hiding in plain sight for so long. The Amish have given him a place to hide, of refuge when he needed it and the time to grow to the man that he now is, a man broken by things that happened , that were done to him.
Sybil Chalmers has been in love with an Amish man for ten years, a man not of their faith but hiding within it. She’s cherished their stolen moments and wished for more, she’s waited for him, for him to come to her because she loves him but he never does. She also knows there was more to him than most people saw, she figured out who he was and it didn’t matter for she saw through to the man within. Sybil, she’s good people who stand up for herself and for others and she knows what she wants. Sybil cares for her nephew since her sister won’t or can’t.

In this story, Caine/David gets word family is targeted, he returns to town and is faced with the past that he can no longer hide from. He seeks to finally shut down the evil Cronus Club by putting all the remaining pieces together from his memories and information that he finds but it’s the peace that he feels with Sybil that keeps him in the here and now, nothing has ever done that for him but her. Caine fears he wont be able to keep her safe and he also worries about being around her family.
This book had a lot of emotional pull and a lot of dark subject matter. Here in this book, we meet a direct victim of the Cronus Club and actually have to see the impact of what they did to him. Reading what they did and going thru his emotions, his emotions were heartbreaking but at the same time, seeing how Sybil showed Caine/David how she loved him and was there for him all the way-it was good. Yes, Caine thought he was damaged, broken but really, he wasn’t.

I do not want to give anything away. I want you to read this story. As a reader, it made me think. It made me feel his emotions. My heart broke, my heart bled. I was angry. But seeing how attracted he was to Sybil gave me hope. There was sparks-there was attraction, chemistry. Out of despair came hope, love. There were tears shed. I threw things. Emotions were all over the place. When reading a story that evokes such feelings, it is a good thing.

Ms Walker writes such intense, passionate, at times dark stories but I love it. I keep coming back for my “fix”. I liked the mystery also interplayed into the story which also I had to figure out who was good and who was also so evil to be in the “Club”. Great Story!!

My rating: 4.7 stars ****

Stealing Rose: A Novel (The Fowler Sisters Book 2)-ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review***

Monica Murphy has written a fantastic trilogy –known as Fowler Sisters- and this is book #2 which is Rose’s book called Stealing Rose.
Rose Fowler is the youngest of the family, at twenty-two, Rose if feeling a little lost in the mix. She feels unappreciated, unloved and undervalued. In Cannes for the debut of her family documentary, Fleur Cosmetics, her world is about to be titled on is axis when a tall stranger appears and then just as quickly disappears.

Caden is at the festival to steal the expensive one of a kind necklace that is on Rose’s neck but the allure of her beauty and the easy way when they talk has Caden making him double guess himself. And after one night with a wild Rose has Caden so hooked and his being in Cannes wasn’t a mistake; his encounter with Rose wasn’t one of chance- it was all set up. But the sparks he felt were real and when they run into each other in London, now the chase is on and has a whole new purpose between them.

Rose is deciding what she wants to do with her life; she knows one thing is clear; she wants Caden. She can’t deny the way her body reacts to his and how his dirty words turn her on like no other. For the first time, Rose is being reckless and putting her own wants and desires first.
The start of the book is somewhat slow; that did happen in book 1 so I think this may be how the series is. It gives the reader a chance to see how the sisters are and give us background in the characters before the book amps up and starts going full pace. I like the pace and I like how we, as the reader, gets to see all the players in essence and know what is going on.
There were some real UH OH moments in the book-Some moments were I was like “OMG, you did not bring back that “witch?” or “what is going on, why did you do this to them?” moments but as the reader, you have to sit back and take the ride to get to the end and it was a great ride. I may not have fully understood but Caden and Rose made this book. I loved them and I got them as characters. He was the guy that I felt had that promise- Rose was the heroine who started off as lost and in the end was found because she had that feeling of knowing who she belonged to. Just know there is a wicked witch making reappearance in this book and possibly a *blessed* event.

Do I like this book-Love It

Will I read book 3?- OMG YES- Cannot wait for Lily’s book

My rating: 5.0 stars *****

Spring Fever: Shifters in Love (A BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance Bundle)- ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by the author(s) for an honest review***

I really enjoyed reading Spring Fever: Shifters in Love.
Waking the Bear by Kerry Adrienne
How the story starts is two months of "myself time" seemed like the perfect idea to regroup for Amy and find direction. Then the way between species breaks out. I really found I liked that interplay . I loved Griff and hus hot Alpha ways and how he protects and desires Amy, an artist . My Rating 4 stars

Prime Desire by Andie DeVaux
This story didn’t really do much for me. Out of all the books in this box set, I feel this is the weakest. No offense to this author, it is the story didn’t work for me. Nicolas lying didn’t make me like him. Others may understand his lying but to me, no. My rating 2.9 stars **
Bear Essentials (A BBW paranormal romance) by Lia Davis
Great story! Nichole has been dumped by her jerk of a boyfriend due to her size who also got her fired from her job. Trey approached her and asked her out=reason was she was his mate. He loves her , curves n all. This was a sweet story about how a shifter man loves a woman for who she is-not what she looks like. My rating 4.5 stars ****

An Unexpected Diversion by Vella Day
Cheyenne Snow is a cheetah shifter and daughter to the alpha. Her father is ready to step down as alpha and as his only child, she has to find a mate, so he can step up and rule the clan. Cheyenne knows she can rule and doesn’t need a mate to do so and feels that having to need a mate to do so is wrong-and what is even worse is that she is given only 4 months to mate with Chuck Lord, the nastiest lowlife in their clan. Chey n her best friend decide to head to their local bar and in walks pure sin-Storm Durant is the new doctor in town and 100% human and off limits – and all I can tell you is-this was one of my favorites of this box set. I really enjoyed how this box ended. My rating 5 stars *****

Match Made in Hell by Milly Taiden
Laura Nieves is the personal assistant to Davi, who is in charge of the seventh circle of Hell, which is the level of gluttony. Davi puts Laura in charge finding a mate for her head guard, Damien Wrath-Well which is going to be hard because ole Damien is a shifter who has always stayed loyal to his dead wife memory –that is until Laura. These two have a great chemistry. I loved reading about how love came to be for the matchmaking Laura and the dirty talking , yet loyal Damien. My rating 4.6 stars ****

Shades of Surrender: Fifty by Fifty #4: A Billionaire Romance Boxed Set --ARC Review

Shades of Surrender: Fifty by Fifty #4: A Billionaire Romance Boxed Set 

***A gifted copy was provided by the author(s) for an honest review***
**note** I received this box set and only the books listed are the ones I received to review  for this box set***

The Billionaire's Student by Savannah Reardon--Katie’s parents die unexpectedly; Katie becomes desperate to pay for college and the answer seems to come in the form of Billionaire Jace Weatherton—Let me say –WOW. The characters are full of surprises and the chemistry is hot. From what I understand, this story will be continued on. There were a lot of twists and turns which made me crave the answers and I loved it! My rating: 4.3 stars ****

The Interview by Abby Weeks-A young lawyer at a large financial institution receives instructions to meet the enigmatic, billionaire CEO Dale Young in his private office—Dale needs Abby’s help to fix something for him. Abby meets Dale and the chemistry is off the charts. The twists and turns in the story along with the did he or didn’t he made this story really good. I loved the complexness of which that is Dale and the hidden layers of Abby. My rating : 4 stars ****

Playing Games by Liliana Rhodes--Luscious Cassie Monroe moves to Canyon Cove with only one thing in mind—getting a job. But she gets a job and has an encounter with her sexy billionaire boss. Which she finds out that it is more than she might be able to handle. The sparks here are HOT. Cassie and Gabriel dance around the chemistry and I love how ALPHA he is with her. My rating: 4.6 stars ****

Hunting for Curves by Julianne Reyer—Think of a very shy girl, a billionaire CEO, plus his longtime male lover. What could happen? A possible recipe for calamity or will one night show that one is never enough? This was a great story. I really got into the 3some and the tangled web wove made me think about how the emotions drove up the passions. It didn’t feel contrived as some stories have felt in the past involving 3some so kudos to the author. My rating: 4.6 stars ****

Safeword: Matte by Candace Belvins--Matte, pronounced mah-tay, is Japanese for stop, and is used in some martial arts to end a fight. Sam is a sexual submissive but she enjoys fighting. She has a lot of kinks and has a hard time finding a man who can deal with that. Her safe word is MATTE. Enter Ethan-The man who could be the man she needs. This story was super-hot and full of sexual situations and scenes. If you are easily offended, then I wouldn’t recommend this story but if you are like me, then this story will be right in your wheelhouse. Fantastic. Full of great scenes. My rating : 4.8 stars ****

The Greek Billionaire and I - Marian Tee--Too proud to let Greek billionaire Mykolas know she's in love with him, schoolteacher Velvet ends up accepting his offer for a marriage of convenience. This story has the emotional twists and turns you know to expect from Ms. Tee. Keep the tissues handy. Velvet has some deep pain in her past and needed hope in her life and when meeting Mykolas hoped he would be her dream come true –WOW! Loved the twists and turns in this story. My rating : 4.9 stars *****

The Billionaire’s runaway Curves – Danielle Duncan---A short but charming romantic story, about Ellie who ran from Theo when she found out that she was pregnant with their child. She thought he wouldn’t want the baby. Now nearly nine years later, Theo finds Ellie when they run into each other. I felt the pain each other felt. I have to tell you, this story had me in tears a few times but it was delicious and I would recommend it as a great story to read. The heat factor is a plus too. My rating: 4.2 stars ****

His Weakness by E.K. Sabins—This is a historical romance from the author. I will admit it is different from the modern day in this box set. I think it is set in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Ellie has had her world turned upside down when her parents die she must secure a guardian or a spouse in order to gain her inheritance and here enters James Parkman. The characters in the story delve into Strong BDSM - quite explicit—there are some twists and turns in this story as well. I will say, I didn’t enjoy this story as much as I have the others-could be because it is a period piece. Nothing against the author, it is just , perhaps due to the vagueness of when the era it is set in. I couldn’t get a good feel. My rating: 3.8 stars ***

The Politician and the Girl from the Coffee Shop – Terry Towers. A short and sweet love story. Ms Towers writes some of the best stories out there. This is book two in the series. Jesse and Jeff make a wonderful couple. Jesse loves Senator Jeff and always waits on him. Senator Jeff hates the coffee in this shop but loves seeing his favorite coffee girl, Jesse. There is a pull between the two. You need to read this story to find out how their relationship develops. Does Jesse ever let Jeff know she wants to be his forever? This is one of the best out of the series. My rating: 4.8 stars *****

Billionaires in Disguise: Rae by Blair Babylon--- Rae is a small town girl in college and her dreams are about to end when she fails her statistics class Her friends from school give her a solution to her problem and tell her to meet somewhere. The somewhere is “The Dom” for an interview Rae goes to this upscale party where she ends up meeting this guy Wulf. . What Rae doesn’t know is that “The Dom” and Wulf are the same. Then she finds out what the job really is and entails, will Rae take the job and will the crazy attraction to Wulf be acted on? OMG this story was awesome!! I couldn’t stop reading and re-reading it. There is multiple parts to this story, FYI on this. I love this story and cant wait to read more by this author. My rating : 5 stars *****

Anything He Requires by Michelle Fox-- Animal trainer Jessica Kingston is hired by Jacob Daniels to train a playful but headstrong puppy but in all reality, its Jessica that is being trained. Trained to do Jacob’s bidding. This is a quick, delicious story about two people who need someone in their lives. It is hot, the chemistry is great. I wish there was a little more pages to the story but what was there was fantastic. My rating: 4.2 stars ****

Untrue Colors (Entangled Select Suspense)- ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review***
This is the story of an art appraiser named Alex who is on the run from her art-thief, violent ex-boyfriend who is bound and determined to end her life. Alex risks her life to help a professor named Henry Chilton recover a stolen painting.
This story has suspense , espionage, and love. Alex at times comes across as a kick a&& woman who is ready to take on the world, while Henry is the sexy professor who has secrets, like the James Bond type. And together, the sparks fly, sizzle away with laughter, and then re-ignite to combust.
There is a lot here to make you want to devlve deeper into the underlining characters because the author has written so much into the story, that I didn’t want to put the book down i.e. Simon-Henry’s brother. OMG- he was awesome. Hope he gets his own book.

WOW - a great thriller with a sexy romance interwoven in it. I really enjoyed this book! It is a wonderful story written that has a roller coaster ride that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat from the very beginning.
My rating: 4.5 stars ****

Guarding His Heart (Entangled Bliss) (Half Moon Bay)-ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review***

Georgie Sacchi is done living a lonely existence in Half Moon Bay. Everything there seems to go wrong, especially relationships. She has One last renovation project to do then she is off on an adventure. And she's determined, no matter how distracting her new client, Liam Wyndham is!!
Enter Liam Wyndham, who came to Half Moon Bay for some peace and quiet to finish his latest novel. His only problem is he has lost his muse since the death of his wife. Now he has the carpenter working around him-The last thing he needs is a distraction- especially one so gorgeous and sexy who will be working around him every day.
This is a fantastic story of two people who have been hurt in life in different ways who are afraid to take chances on love. They are perfect together, they work. They do clash at times and the road to happiness is paved with gravel and road bumps. But they can't seem to forget about each other. Can they overcome their misconceptions about themselves and take a chance on love and happiness? What I can say is that they are two people who are made for each other and that this is a great story and you should read this story. It is wonderful and full of great characters who stay with you long after you are done reading this story. Do Georgie and Liam get together, well, read this story and you will find out!! You won’t regret reading this story!

My rating: 4.5 stars ****

His Last Redemption (Entangled Ignite) -ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review***

Have you ever read a story that made you go “hmmm”. Well this story did that for me—in a very good way!! Lauren Burke married the wrong man after the man she wanted was long gone. Lauren has been trying to get her nasty soon to be ex-husband to sign the divorce papers but he has yet to do it.
The book basically stars when the police show up in Lauren’s flower shop to a) tell her that her soon to be x is now dead and b) SURPISE long lost boyfriend is the investigator is one of the prime investigators on the case and oh by the way, you are a suspect. And the hits just keep on coming.
Kane Hollister ended his relationship with Lauren Ford without a goodbye or an explanation and while he didn't expect her to be pining away for him years later, he's shocked that the deceased wife is his Lauren. Except she's not his anymore and she's no longer the same haapy, full of love & fire young woman he knew. Now she’s cold and detached and she's definitely making it clear that she wants to stay as far from him as possible. Unfortunately, when Lauren becomes the target of a serial killer, Kane vows to keep her safe from harm. I do not want to give any spoilers away but just know this book is one you want to read because it has everything that will make you want to go back and re-read again.

This story had some wonderful elements- romance, mystery, suspense, erotic romance, action, tearjerker romance. The story had the right amount of myster, action, and suspense. Kane and Lauren’s relationship is one you definitely want to read about. This is a fantastic story.
My rating: 4.2 stars ****

Dances with Wolf (Entangled Bliss) (Big Sky Love) -ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review***

A “Dance with Wolf” is a sweet romance that is about not being able to move past “the past” when the past comes back into your life again. Abby is in love with her best friend’s older brother, Wolf. He knew she was in love with him & Wolf knew he broke Abby’s heart many years ago. He had his reasons. Reasons he could not share even with his sister. 

Abby threw herself into her vet training. She is a smart woman who is determined to make something of herself . Abby’s main love is horses and she has moved back home to start her own business
Same time Abby is back in town, Wolf has come back to town as well. Will he have his chance with Abby? Wolf is home off the circuit and he knows after seeing Abby he has to have her. When the truth comes out, will they be able to survive the fallout? Will the peanut gallery stay in the background and not interfere ? You have to read to find out. I will say the epilogue was so sweet and heartwarming.

I found myself rooting for them to make a go of their relationship from page 3 of the book. My heart broke for both of them and I love second chance romances and this is a book that is a second chance romance story. I loved this story because it is great to read a story that has a positive outcome and doesn’t dwell on the negative. Kudos to the author for writing such a great story. 

My rating: 4.2 stars ****

Rock Hard (Rock Kiss Book 2)-ARC Review-

***A gifted copy was provided by NetGalley for an honest review***

I have been waiting to read the story between Gabriel aka T-Rex and Charlie aka Mouse since I've read about them in Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh and I must say-OMG!! I LOVE this book. I am way beyond happy with this story. I had my expectations on high, wondering how she would top Rock Addiction but I am soo glad she exceeded them

In this story, we delve into Gabriel and Charlotte’s story. Rock Hard runs parallel to the events of book one. Gabriel Bishop just got hired to help an ailing company where he met Charlie. Charlie-mouse is painfully shy while T-Rex is forceful and used to getting what he wants. Charlie is terrified and is terrified T-Rex will do something to her – deep down she knows these fears are unfounded but due to a horrific event in her past( think evil ex boyfriend), she cannot afford to let go of the fears. Gabriel cant understand why she fears him so but something about her calls to him , draws him to her, makes him crave her. So he slowly draws her out by him slowly getting her used to him and the routine- so their dance begins.

In the book, we see Charlie come slowly out of her shell while getting to know Gabriel as not her boss but as man. Gabriel saw Charlie as not just his PA but as a woman, someone who is special. He realized something terrible happened and he wants to protect her, keep her safe. Gabriel , too, has something deep in his past that is coming back to give him some fits. Together both are working together to mend their hearts and work toward the sparks that fly when they are together. When they are in a room together, the steaminess heats up …OMG—all I can say is, get a change of panties available- in fact, have several ready. This couple knows how to steam up the kindle. 
Gabriel is on Alpha male, ready to take on any and all for his woman and that is what Charlie needed when trouble came calling for her. Also, Charlie was there when Gabriel had some family drama come up. Love Gabriel’s family-they were awesome-(would love to see a spin-off book on his unmarried brothers.) 

The ending of the book had a few terse, scary moments. I do not want to give any *spoilers* away but hang on to your seats--It had me gasp a few times. I really love how the book ended. I have to say, I have * NO IDEA* who the next book is about. I didn’t get any clues so I am really stumped. Ms. Singh did her job and has her readers now going back checking the Rock Hard books for clues. This is an awesome series and I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I really do hope it is soon!! You will not go wrong with this series!!

My rating: 5.0 stars *****

Tamed (Club Sin, #5) -ARC Review

***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review***

Kenzie's life has known a lot of loss and because of this she likes to keep people at a certain distance. But she needs the strong touch, strong guidance of a Dom in her life as long as she is in control of what is happening in the scene. This contradiction in her personality earns her the label of brat and being known as a difficult sub at Club Sin. Porter is up to be tested so he can earn the title of Master, Kenzie is assigned to him for the month; if he can dominate this sub he'll have earned his stripes.

These two begin to play Porter doesn't react to Kenzie's antics the way she expects or needs him to. Porter is surprised to find out Kenzie has a soft side to her personality, only he brings out. Porter just may be the one to give Kenzie what she needs instead of what she wants –Now on top of dealing with Kenzie’s issues with her club size, now she has a real life issue going on, with, an alleged member of the Russian mob trying to force Kenzie into selling her bookstore to him. Now Porter is going to get involved, whether she is prepared for him or not, dominate male in her corner is just what Kenzie's needs.

This is the 5th book the club sin series and it works. It is good to see the chemistry between the main couple. The writing is still fresh and Past characters pop in and out and are fantastic in supportive roles to the leads. I also enjoyed the suspense with the Russian mob and the issues Kenzie had going on with them trying to hurt her by them trying to take her store. It is not the main plot but secondary to Kenzie and Porter’s Dom/sub issue and how that was handled. I really enjoyed the emotional journey and how the author portrayed it. Fantastic journey overall and can’t wait for more in the Club Sin series.

My rating: 4.5 stars ****

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