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My Review of "SOLO TU" by Mandy M Roth

This is my review of Ms. Roth's book and is my honest review. A copy was provided for the review and in no way influenced my review** This is a short story but packs in such a great amount of adventure and romance for the shortness it has. Francy Montgomery is a witch by birth and she has been in love with Dante, a werewolf for 5 years now. They have been friends for years and she years for him. She goes off to college but hoped he would come for her. She has given up of him loving her or that he will ever come to love her like she loves him. The author does such a terrific job of weaving in the back story to show how things came to be and to provide history and agenda. Francy comes back to childhood home to see Dante one last time before she moves on with her life. Francy tells Dante of her engagement to Ivon, a French Vampire. When Dante finds out, then this is when the story really takes off at a frantic pace. This is really a story about misunderstandings, true mates, love, --oh so many things I wish to express. I loved this story and wish the story was longer. I felt it could have been expanded. There was so much here to be an expanded story. Ivon blames Dante for his mate’s death and they are enemies. So much story in such a small novella but it packs a HUGE punch. I love how Dante really has loved Francy all along and the action and emotion is so rich. I very much recommend this story. If I had to say anything I could nitpick on, I would say that there seems to be so much more that could be written to the back story between Ivon and Dante and Ivon’s mate—also would have loved to have more of the story here to read. The heat level for this paranormal story is off the charts and I really enjoyed it and would have loved more to read. My rating: 4.7 stars ****

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*** CANNON Cover Reveal ***

cannonrevealbanner Cover Reveal Title: CANNON : A STEP-BROTHER ROMANCE Author: SABRINA PAIGE Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: Early June 2015   synopsis2   Hendrix Cole is nicknamed "Cannon" because of the weapon he's packing between his legs. Too bad he's an arrogant, controlling, domineering jacka**. A dirty-talking, sexy-as-f**k, damaged, smokin' hot ex-Marine. He's also my stepbrother. His father thinks he's the perfect solution to my problem. I'm a country singer in the spotlight, and after a recent scandal, I'm screwed if I don't stay on the straight and narrow. Hendrix needs a job – apparently, one that involves making sure I behave. I hate him. And now I'm stuck spending every waking moment with him. The problem is, I just want him to fire that huge cannon.   goodreadsx   cannoncover   teasers2 cannonteaser4   indoor portrait of sexy redhead woman posing near window with sexy panties and t-shirt, voluptuous body in sensual pose  

young couple in love, black and white   authorbio2     Cover Model: Stephen Hughes-Landers Photographer: Shauna Kruse, Kruse Images & Photography Cover Artist: Cormar Covers

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MY ARC Review of Playing DIRTY by C.L. Parker

***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review****

Shaw Matthews is one hot guy who plays to win and he doesn’t care how he does it. He is out to get partner with Striker Sports Entertainment but there is a glitch- rival sports agent Cassidy Whalen. This sexy female is out to prove she can make it in the all boys’ club and take the top spot .

Shaw isn’t about to let this sensual, sexy female take this highly coveted spot from him so he decides he is going to seduce Cassidy to get her off her game so that he could get the job out from under her. What he doesn’t expect is that the tables turning and Cassidy making him feel and making him crave her, not the other way around. 
The way the game started was Monty decided he was going to retire and he wanted his protégé, Shaw to over his place. But Wade had other ideas. He stated that Cassidy should be the one to take Monty's place since she is one of the best around and has been with them longer. Both Monty and Wade decided to make the decision a competition between the two men. Whichever agent could get Denver Rockford, the most sought after quarterback to sign with them would get to take over Monty's position and become a partner with the company. 

Shaw and Cassidy are willing to go the extra mile and they are ruthless when it comes to trying to get Denver on their side-Cassidy plays to the Mama side and gets in with his family while Shaw just tries to undermine Cassidy with the seduction angle. Things do not work out as planned and they are truly attracted to each other. Both are so strong willed and are going head to head against each other for something they both want and are not willing to give up because if they were, it could cost them something each other wants. The stakes are extremely high and now they just have to figure out how to one up the other at this crucial point. 
OMG, the sex in this book is so hot. You get to know Shaw and Cassidy and get to realize what makes them tick. I think of the song by David Guetta “Dangerous “and the lyrics “I don't know where the lights are taking us / But something in the night is dangerous /And nothing's holding back the two of us /Baby this is getting serious” The song was tailor made for this book. There are some twists and turns. 

The book ends on a cliff hanger and there is a book two coming out, I believe, in the fall. I cannot wait because I want to know what happens between Shaw and Cassidy. This couple is so hot and their chemistry is terrific. They deserve a happy ending. I also like the secondary characters in this book and would like to see some of them get their own book too.

My rating: 4.4 stars ****

My Review of Demonic Desires by Mandy M Roth

***A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review****

This is a fantastic book, one that I would love to see made into a movie. The storyline goes as follows-
Ava is a professor hired to teach Norse Mythology at the University. Actually, she is one of the first of  the women to be hired there since their doors had open for it used to be an all-male student school until it recently decided to allow women to join the ranks of students. Donatus is a very handsome man who also teaches at the University as well- he is the head of Ava’s department.  Now here lies the pickle- Ava is half Valkyrie, half angel which means she goes after evil and that makes her Satan’s worst enemy and biggest fear. On the other hand, we have Donatus who is 500+ year old demon- you are probably thinking he is evil but he isn’t. He has spent the last 300 years or so living very quietly, along with others of his kind,  the Lost Warriors  who are trying to make up for the evil they did as part of Satan's Host.  I am sure you are wondering where Ava comes into his life- well, she is his true mate but she does not know this.

When Ava meets Donatus for the first time she is enraptured by him. Added, the night before she had this crazy hot dream that sent her pulses going , left her very sodden and her bed needing to be replaced. And the story goes on from there and it is fantastic. Ava starts to feel uneasy because she feels evil looming and that tells her she has been found , when the last thing is she wants to do is run. This is a fantastic paranormal romance with action and good dose of humor. When reading this story, it made me think of the song by GIORGIO MORODER Feat Sia “Déjà vu”. 

There is a lyric in the song that reminds me of this story very well …”And in your/ loving arms/ Here we are/ Living the dream/ And all the love is fine/ I've known you for lifetime, baby/ Déjà vu..”  Definitely sums this story up in a nut shell. Great story and I PRAY, HOPE the author writes follow up stories for the lost warriors. This is such a great storyline and the paranormal genre is fantastic.


My rating: 5.0 stars ***** 

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