Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ARC Review of Ravenous BY M.S. FORCE

Ravenous (Quantum Series Book 5) by [Force, M.S., Force, Marie]

Here’s to another hit in the “Quantum” Series with Ravenous. It can be read as a standalone but I guarantee that after you read this book, you will want to go back and read the previous books in this series.
Ravenous is Ellie Godfrey and Jasper Autry’s story. 35 year old Ellie has seen her siblings settle down and have families to which Ellie feels her biological clock is ticking . Instead of looking for Mister Right, she decides to go the IVF way and get a baby by that route then find her Mister Right. When Ellie tells her brother’s best friend, Jasper, what she is going to do, he completely surprises her when he tells her how he wants to be her donor but he wants to do things the “old fashioned way” in order for her to get her baby and when it comes to sex, in that, she will need to obey him. Ohh boy.. Immediately Ellie gets excited and nervous, could she do this?
What I loved in this story is when Ellie agreed, Jasper’s proper British accent made this even more naughty feeling. We find out more about Jasper in this book and who he is along with who Ellie is and why she is in such a hurry. For a Quantum story, there is a bit of danger and intrigue so that kept me hooked and the passion, oh yes, the passion and the sex was insanely hot. Jasper and Ellie made a great couple. Getting to delve into Flynn’s sister and his best friend’s relationship separate from the gang was great. Ellie was a spitfire , and she was sweet while Jasper was this mysterious guy who , as the layers were peeled back, we were able to see him and wow, did I come to love him more. Now that the story is over, The only thing I wish I was explained more is why the villain was the way they were. There was some confusion there that I wished was cleared up more but otherwise , this was an awesome read.  I can’t wait for my next book boyfriend from the Quantum series.

My rating: 4.5 stars ****

 **I was given an ARC by Sullivan and Partners in exchange for an honest review***

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