Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ARC Review of The Mechanic By Vanessa Waltz

The Mechanic by [Waltz, Vanessa]

Olivia catches her fiancée Mark in the act with another woman on the day they were supposed to leave to attend a wedding in the small town of Fair Oaks. She leaves her fiancée behind, ends their relationship, and heads on to the wedding on her own, lost and feeling like she doesn’t know what just occurred in her life. On her way to the wedding, her car breaks down just as she arrives in Fair Oaks. Gage is a mechanic,  and he is the sexy yet mysterious hero in this story, saves her by coming to her rescue . They had that instant chemistry, that immediate attraction though Gage and Olivia refused to admit it. Gage , as the story progresses, has been hurt in the past and doesn’t want to get hurt again and thinks if he gets involved with Olivia, he will. Olivia, has been hurt and believes Gage will be the type that will use her and throw her away.  Thing is, Gage is set on having her in his bed at least because the chemistry is so electric.   She resists, but not for lon g , not when her ex fiancée shows up and then they do give in to that insanely good chemistry and wow, things get crazy from there-- including their wedding (accidentally while drunk) and then an even bigger surprise. But Mark, the ex fiancée and his mother are in town causing hate and discontent to the couple—thing is the ex fiancée is a scumbag and he made me want to cause him bodily harm due to how he hurt Olivia all the times in the past-times she was aware and times she was unaware of—you have to read the story to know what I mean—grr that is how nasty he is. There are many twists and turns in this romantic story. I loved Gage who is very much an alpha male protecting his mate , Olivia. She is a sweet, independent woman who has been very hurt by the actions of her ex fiancée who is nuttier than a fruitcake. Gage and Olivia make sense as a couple and the sexual tensions in this story are off the chain. I enjoyed their romance, reading it as it unfolded was good reading. This is a somewhat different story than Ms. Waltz’s mafia type stories but still very good reading and I totally enjoyed myself. I cant wait to read what this author has next since this was fantastic. The MC will keep you entertained from start to finish.
My rating: 4.9 stars *****
 **I was given an ARC by the author  in exchange for an honest review***

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