Sunday, August 7, 2016

ARC Review of The Right Kind of Trouble by Shiloh Walker

The Right Kind of Trouble (McKays Series) by [Walker, Shiloh]

This is the final installment in the McKay series and this is Gideon Marshall & Moira McKay’s love story. Gideon has loved Moira for decades and she has resisted that love and pushed him away for that long. Finally Gideon has decided it’s time to move on and let go of his love for Moira. The person he is moving on with is an officer he works with . Right about that time, when Moira works up the courage to be open and accept that love in her life, she realizes that Gideon has moved on and its without her and with a new woman, someone who shares the same job he does. She is devastated because she comes to the realization she really needs Gideon and she has lost him, truly lost him. There are things that complicated their relationship that stated years before and now when he has let her go, she was finally ready to let him in. Will they ever get it right ? Oh and on top of it, The McKays are having a really bad time of it and they are now focused on Moira which leads Gideon back to Moira, you know, having to investigate when really he wants to make sure she is “ok” or is that what he is doing. I think there could have been a way for things to run more smoothly from this end. I also would have liked it when Gid and Moira had some of their interactions… but the book flow moved at a good clip and I couldn’t stop reading. I loved how angsty things got and no matter how rough things got, I couldn’t stop reading. I do think the length of time the MC were apart was a bit much but maybe for this couple, it had to happen. Otherwise, their passion, and heat was fantastic and their 2nd chance romance was beautiful and just made in 2nd chances.

My rating: 4.4 stars ****
**I was given an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review***

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