Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ARC Review of Sweetened With a Kiss by Lexxi Callahan

I had the chance to read “Sweetened with a Kiss” by Lexxi Callahan and it was a sweet 2nd chance romance for a couple that had faced adversity in their relationship and in their lives.
Jen Taylor had been in a horrible accident which costs her everything in her young life. She ends up living with her brother’s best friend Stefan Sellers and his family. She has a crush on Stefan that gets worse as she gets older. At her young age of 21, Stefan puts an engagement on her finger and said they are engaged. All seemed to be going ok, and that her dream is coming true with the man she has always wanted but then Stefan’s ex says he is only with her due to her stocks she has. At that, Jen loses hope and I felt so bad for her. There is stock in play- When she turns 30 or when she marries, her stock can then be sold. Jen is devastated and from there the story blossoms on how she decides to take control of her life and how Stefan reels from the loss of the woman he really loves. The 2nd chance romance is how they deal with the fallout from the betrayal of the ex-girlfriend and the trust issues.
I found Stefan to be very alpha when he dealt with Jen; at first he came off as a jerk but then as the story progressed, I found him to become more human and very protective toward Jen. And Jen, oh she is so sweet and all she has gone thru , my heart hurts for her but she is strong and she can be sassy. I loved the ending of the story and cannot wait to read the next books in this series for the supporting cast of characters made this very enjoyable.

My rating: 4.0 stars ****
**I was given an ARC by IndieSagePR in exchange for an honest review***

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