Sunday, August 7, 2016

ARC Review of Tempting the LAW by Alexa Riley

Tempting the Law by [Riley, Alexa]

Tempting the Law is a sweet yet dirty novella read. The MC meet and it is an insta-love connection that happens between them. Detective Coen saves Eden from her kidnapper and ends up feeling this overwhelming protectiveness for Eden. Yet he realizes she is too young for him and walks away – from her and his job as a cop and ends up going into a whole new career. Fast forward 2 years later , he receives a letter from Eden asking him to come to her HS graduation and that is when this story really kicks up a notch. There is a hidden villain in this story and omg, the sexual tension is sky high when Eden and Coen finally meet up again after all this time. She is of age , ready for Coen and here is the girl with those gorgeous eyes he could never forgot. Eden couldn’t believe her hero is finally here, the man she has dreamt about all the years and he is as hot as she remembers. Let me just say, when Coen gets to claiming his woman, he totally claims her and he doesn’t care who is there or where they are at. This is one dominant alpha, bent on protecting his woman, and this is one sassy and sweet virgin who is ready for her man.
If you like a short and sweet love story that has fire and will give you heat and alternately chills then you finish with a huge grin, this is the story for you. Sweet Virgin, Possessive as all get out Alpha Male, massive dirty talk, villains… and a HEA. And its an Alexa Riley book. What more do you need?

My rating: 4. 7 stars *****

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