Thursday, February 16, 2017

Release Blitz: Venom and Ecstasy by Shanora Williams

Title: Venom & Ecstasy
Series: Venom, #2
Author: S. Williams
Genre: Erotic Dark Romance
Release Date: February 16, 2017
I am much more than meets the eye.
I am stronger, smarter, and I won’t stop until I’m on top.
He thinks he’s safe around me. He’s a fool to believe so.
What would I do if the most wanted man in the world wanted me?
The answer is simple.
Get rid of him before he dares get rid of me.

Shanora Williams is a twenty-something-year-old who creates raw, authentic romantic stories that, may or may not, make you question what a “Happily Ever After” truly is. After hitting the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers list at the mere age of nineteen, Shanora ventured further into the creative writing world, working even harder to create unique and memorable romances for all to enjoy.
She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be the mother of two amazing boys, has a devoted and supportive man, and is a sister to eleven.
When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her family, binge reading, or running marathons on Netflix while scarfing down anything sweet and salty.

My Review:

This is one wild and wickedly dark ride that I didn’t want to get off of. I completely enjoyed the journey that Ms. Williams took me on and the chemistry is even hotter in book 2.
Everything picked up where we left off from Passion and Venom (Venom Book 1), Draco tried so hard to make Gia understand why he does what he does  and is doing it all because she was 'promised' to him years ago and he wants what he was promised.  At first Gia and Draco were becoming super close and things were coming together and they were bonding but suddenly , the ties that were being weaved closed , suddenly shredded and were left hanging in the wind.
For a while, it's El Jefe vs. La Patrona- I couldn’t believe they were fighting against each other and the tension, the angst, the darkness between them. I wanted to shake them both at times. I understood how Gia felt but them I could see where Draco was coming from but yet they both were playing to win and there was never going to be a clear winner when these two were playing to win, they needed to come together as one but when they were against each other, no one was going to win. I started seeing a different side to Draco in this book, not saying you could see it all the time but some times I could see a different side to him and I liked it. Maybe in book 3, that side will come out more.
This is a darker, more twisted book than even book 1 and that is saying something. I loved it and I couldn’t believe the twists and turns that this book took. At times I wanted to throw my kindle across my room and I wanted to find the author and ask her if she wanted to give me heart trouble but I knew there is something even more coming so I held on and then the book ended on an epic cliffhanger will be picked up in book 3 and I couldn’t believe the book ended that way.  Draco isn’t perfect, and is that Dark anti hero but he is definitely that dark chocolate , cant eat anymore but need to have more sinfully rich type book boyfriend. At first I didn’t like him but now I do like him and I hope that Gia sees he is going to be right for her . Gia has gone thru so much, things thrown at her so I hope book 3 answers the questions that have been raised. I cannot wait for book 3…I definitely will be looking out for the next book in this series—I most definitely recommend this book.

My rating: 4.8 stars ****

 "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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