Saturday, February 11, 2017

ARC REVIEW OF Second Draft By C.M Seabrook


This is another winning romance novel from C.M. Seabrook!! The hero is one super alpha male, who is very protective and handsome as all get out while the heroine is slightly broken due to life , yet still retains her innocent ways and is quite  beautiful. The story is how second chances are worth everything!
Carter Bennett is an ex hockey player who likes fast women and good times, never wants to settle down yet when he literally runs into Layla Harper not once but twice, he starts to question his thoughts on life, love and everything in between. Bad thing is he isn’t staying in town so he doesn’t pursue her, because if he had, life maybe would have turned out so differently for them.
Layla has been thru so much in her young life, already 21 yrs old and ended up with a boyfriend that treats her so bad. She thinks her life isn’t ever going to get better and no one will ever love her for her. Enter back into her life again is Carter –he keeps popping up kind of like a bad penny. She has feelings for him but now , without giving away why, his timing is so bad. She wants to let him in her life but is afraid he will walk, if not, run away from her due to the situation she is in. It’s a HUGE complication neither were expecting …but Carter is one strong man and he isn’t about to let this woman go walk out of his life again.
I fell so deep for Carter and his kind and caring ways that he had for Layla and OMG, Layla-boy did she have it tough in life yet she kept on trying to make her life better, to make things better for herself no matter how bad it got. She was so strong even when she was scared . I cant tell you the boxes of tissues I used during this book because I would cry and rage right along with Layla and Carter. Or the times I would laugh with them. It is a deeply emotional, angsty, passionate, loving , personal read that one has to experience. It will literally blow you away, that is how great a read this book is.  

My rating: 4.7 stars ****

 "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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