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Amazon Tour: Where Promises Die by RC Stephens

Title: Where Promises Die
Author: R.C. Stephens
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 20, 2017
Haunted by a childhood trauma that leaves her orphaned, eleven-year-old Grace finds herself on the doorstep of the Duncans, her new adoptive family, broken and unable to speak. Catapulted from a bustling New York City life, she must find a way to call the rural town of Sade, Iowa her new home. Twins Eisav and Jacob Duncan immediately take a liking to Grace, wanting to erase the dark shadows etched on her perfect features.

As the twins vie for her affection, it becomes clear which one makes her smile.
Grace never has a choice for falling in love.
What starts as a way to coax his adopted sister to speak and smile, blossoms into the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.
In this small town it shouldn’t be a crime to fall in love . . . 
Isaac Duncan warns his son to stay away from the forbidden fruit. Eisav never listens. 
Now an intricate web of lies and secrets stand in the way of Eisav winning back the only woman he has ever loved.
In a place where yesterday’s promises were broken, Eisav must learn what it truly means to love and cherish . . .
But is he too late?

R.C. Stephens was born in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from York University with a Master's Degree in Political Science. Her debut Novel Bitter Sweet Love is book one of the Twisted Series. Followed by Twisted Love to be released May 31st 2015. R.C. is an avid reader, so when she isn't cooking for her clan or on her laptop writing, she's snuggled tight with her Kindle devouring any romance novel she can. Okay, with the exception of Thursday nights. She makes time for Scandal and Vampire Diaries. She's a fan of drama and suspense but she's also a sucker for a happy ending. Her husband was her first teenage love. They live together with their three children in Toronto. Loving Canadian winters she could never think of living anywhere else.


My Review :

This is a book that will have you running the gamut of emotions, will have you literally feeling the characters feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I loved how the author had me riding the roller coaster that was the MC journey – thru Grace and Eisav's story. This is a story that is full of secrets and lies, these secret and lies impact so many of the characters and complicates lives that it blows up and impacts so many- it’s like a train wreck that you see coming and you cant stop it so you hang on for the impact. 
The bond and connection between Eisav and Grace is one that doesn’t go away even after the years away after the initial separation. Its still there and brewing under the surface when Eisav is called home several years after the huge event. He still loves Grace yet a huge event happened after he left and she isn’t the same Grace. My heart broke for her , ached for them both. As the story unfolds , you will be caught up, as I was, in the plot twists and turns, the unfolding story which has you trying to figure out what the secret is that everyone is hiding from Eisav and what they are trying to protect Grace from. I kept moving thru the pages, devouring the words, praying there was a HEA coming but like all good romantic love stories with a 2nd chance built in, it takes a healthy dose of mystery and my sitting there to get to the end before the mystery is revealed and BOY is it a huge reveal. But not before a near death experience happens. Do they get the HEA? Will everything work out? Only you will know by reading this beautiful and lovely haunting 2nd chance love story by fabulous author R.C Stephens. 

My rating: 4.5 stars ****
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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