Thursday, July 14, 2016

ARC REVIEW OF JT Geissinger's Wicked Beautiful

What a fantastic second chance love story. Parker and Victoria have an wonderful love story which involves that 2nd chance because he has no clue he is the one who threw her love away and now she is back for revenge to make him love her then she will be the one who turn him away and break him like he broke her. Sounds horrible and not something you would want to read? Well not the case here because the author wrote a beautiful angsty , complex and emotional love story that shows the MC-Parker and Victoria’s POV when reading.  As the story goes forward, Victoria’s quest for vengeance against Parker seems to slowly die because she was truly falling for him and we see why she set out to make Parker pay- for her  Isabel past and now she grapples with her feelings of now. Parker still has the ability to take the woman she has become and crush her.As for Parker, he is in love with Victoria and we see he doesn’t have a clue about Victoria/ Isabel and who she truly is. He is also dealing with demons from his past and now here is this woman who he really connects with.
Also I love the second story that is about Tabby who is Victoria’s assistant. That is a great little story going on there.
The ending came with twists and turns. And a lot of emotional angsts –I felt there was a resolution of a sort to what happened but there wasn’t a epilogue telling what happened to the MC adequately telling how the characters were doing after the story ended. I would really like to see how they were doing. That would have saw that enhance the story.
My rating: 4.5 stars ****

 **I was given an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review***

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