Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ARC Review of Dangerous Protector (Red Stone Security Series) by Katie Reus

Another quick, fantastic & sensual read in the Red Stone Security Series with this entry being Dangerous Protector”.  The MC is Tegan O’Kelly and Aaron Fitzpatrick and their love story is emotional and action packed with enough sexual heat to rival Miami’s summers. Tegan has been running for her life for two years only stopping when she hears that the mob boss responsible has been” killed”. She starts living her life again and ends up meeting Aaron , a single father and handsome guy who works for Red Stone . One morning he is there when the shop explodes and that is when things take a surreal and dangerous turn.  Aaron has pretty much up to this point treated Tegan not so nicely but when this happens , he comes to realize its time to put his claim on her and let this little miss know she is his. Aaron had let his previous relationship define other relationships and he was trying to do that with Tegan and now he wanted to fix that and also find out who was trying to kill her.


It was amazing to see the change in Aaron –like night and day. He definitely went into alpha mode to protect his woman – Poor Tegan, she didnt know what hit her. She just knew she found her place in the sun, where she felt safe and loved finally for once in a long time. Tegan was a sweet woman who had been through so much and yet was still a fighter. Then you have Aaron,  who is a single father and a cop-he is a born protector and an alpha male. I adore the way he protects Tegan and his sweet little boy. He makes sure they are both safe while he hunts down the threat to his lady love. The twists and turns are fast and furious in this story which is what make this one of top favorites. You will find all of the books in this series are fantastic but this is ne of the best .  I cannot wait to read the next partaking in this series by Ms. Reus.



My rating: 4.8 stars ****

 **I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review***

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