Saturday, July 30, 2016

ARC Review of His Dirty Secret (Best Friend #2) by CM Steele

His Dirty Secret (Best Friend, #2)

OMG! I loved this story by CM Steele- it has all the elements in it that make this story a fantastic romance story-passion, romance, one alpha hero, one sassy heroine, insta-love, insta-lust, angst, stalker, issues between “daughter” and “father”, and lots of twists and turns that makes this into a fantabulous story.
Liam is the alpha hero who didn’t expect his mate to walk in one day and to be the daughter of his best friend. He is 31, and she is just days from being 18 years old.  Katrina has been thru hell- her background slowly comes out as the story goes on; she is sassy and just sweet. She doesn’t know what to make of Liam but she knows there is something between them , some sort of chemistry.  Kat has just come to town to have some sort of closure with her father and wasn’t planning to stay ( her and her dad’s story is another story that is going on at the same time as Liam and Kat’s) and their story is so bittersweet and sad at times. Liam wants Kat immediately, wants her in his bed and with a ring on her hand but he respects her dad. So it’s a tightrope walk to get Kat where he wants her but there is another player involved—a stalker. Someone who has been stalking Kat and he has come to town and he isn’t leaving until he gets what he came for-Kat . Then we have this OW who claims Liam is hers and she is totally nutty. Oh there are so many things going on but the flow of the story is on point and flows seamlessly. The sexual heat and tension was awesome and I have to say, Liam definitely made me love him as a book boyfriend. I adored Kat and Liam as a couple and I didn’t see the age difference as a problem but as a plus. The ending was perfect and I cannot wait for the next story by Ms. Steele.
My rating: 4.8 stars *****

 **I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review***

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