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ARC REVIREW OF Bradi: Paranormal Shifter Fated Mate Galactic SciFi Military Romance (Interstellar Alphas Book 2) BY MANDY M ROTH

Bradi: Paranormal Shifter Fated Mate Galactic SciFi Military Romance (Interstellar Alphas Book 2) by [Roth, Mandy M., Hawk, Reagan]'

Bradi is the brother of Lorelei from the book Sevan and I have was soooo excited for his book. It was well worth the wait. Mandy Roth has such a vivid writing style and every book she writes, its as fresh as if I am discovering her for the first time and she is just as hot and great as book 1 as she is on book 20 for me.

This is Lt. Commander Bradi's story and boy has he been holding out some secrets. Not just about his place of birth or who he is deep down. He knows who his true mate is but he cant make a move because she is his best friend's fiancée'. Bradi is slowly dying inside but he cant let Marisa or his friend know this because he is wanting Marissa and to keep them from finding out how he wants her, lusts after her and just wants to be hers and her his, he pretends to be the biggest manwhore out there. But he really isn't....ahh, the pitfalls of love.

When their ship is attacked , Peter-Bradi's friend and Marissa's fiancée is hurt while Bradi and Marissa are STRANDED elsewhere due to their escape pod landing on another planet. Marissa doesn't know what they will do to get home, thinking they are lost for good...but what she doesn't know is that she is in good hands...Bradi knows more than he is letting on. He has intimate knowledge of where they are.

There are many twists and turns to Bradi's story. Danger lingers and lurks- But with Marissa is a sassy and sexy woman who gives him a run for his money but that's what he needs. I wish he would have spoken up sooner, and not left Marissa with his jerk of a friend. Seriously, that guy was so much a waste of her time and Peter kept the lovers from one another.

This is a winner and I love every book Ms. Roth puts out. This was a gem in my book!

My rating: 4.5 stars ****
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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