Tuesday, July 4, 2017

ARC REVIEW for Just the Thing (The Donnigans #2) by Marie Harte


Just The Thing by Marie Harte was just what I needed.  This book had it all. Ex-marine with PTSD meets girl at his gym. After trying everything he knew to get a date she finally gives in and goes on a date with him. Gavin himself warns Zoe that he is unstable. He has several flashbacks which occur during the day, including one that happens at a wedding. Gavin knows he has some issues but he does seek help, which Ava really pushes for him to do.  Some of those sessions were shown in this book. I will say Ms Harte really showed his survivor's guilt and his guilt over his role in the Marines  and the intensity is shown. I felt for him and my heart hurt for him. Tissues were used during those scenes.
I want to say Zoe is seriously phenomenal, well she has to be because Gavin needs someone who is willing to walk that extra mile with him. Now Zoe has some things in her past that is painful and Gavin is there for her but she is seriously like rockstar awesome. I don’t want to give too much away into their courtship, for it is something that must be read but their love story is one that is beautiful. Out of pain comes joy. Their relationship is  one of immediate attraction yet they fought it and tried to stay just friends but they kept coming back around to each other and that permanent relationship that they were fighting ended up being one at first they fought against became one they fought to keep. Their sex was so hot –Think steamy, spicy, erotic , passionate  and oh so intimate.
You also get to see previous characters from book 1 make an appearance like Ava and Landon and the rest of the Donnigan family. I really loved this book and cannot wait for book 3.

My Rating:  4.8  stars *****

"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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