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ALL I NEED by Callie Harper - Release Blitz

ALL I NEED by Callie Harper is available now! This hot contemporary romance is part of the All In series and can be read a standalone. Be sure to grab your copy today!

  “It’s just a job, how hard can it be?” I was hired by his father to become his live-in caregiver. It sounded like an easy job. But the day I arrived at his broken-down Scottish castle I started to realize it might not be as easy as I thought. I was not told that I’d be looking after a dark, brooding, rich man mired in a world of pain. I was not told that this man would push all my buttons and test even my strongest limits. I was not told that he was devastatingly gorgeous with a wickedly, sinful mouth. I was definitely not told that what I’d end up feeling and what he would propose would drive me wild. But I’m Annie and this is my new job. And damn it, I’m not going to let anything, even him, that gorgeous, sinful, delicious man, stand in my way. You believe me? Don’t you?  


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About Callie Harper Callie Harper writes hot, fun page-turning romances. She is powered by coffee, wickedly sexy bad boys, and all things funny, intentional or otherwise. Born on the East Coast where she learned the joys of fast-paced sarcastic banter, she and her family are now kickin’ it in the West Coast sunshine. On any given day there’s a good chance you’ll find Callie outdoors enjoying the gorgeous Bay Area, but if she’s indoors, she’ll likely be reading, writing or eating, preferably all at once.

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***********MY REVIEW*************

All I Need  by Callie Harper is Sexy, Intense, and Exciting. This is Ian’s story and I have been waiting for his story for quite some time and it doesn’t disappoint. I do want to say this story can totally be read as a standalone.

Annie is hired by Ian's father to basically act as Ian's caregiver. Annie’s experience comes from growing up the oldest in a family with a single working mother so she was the caregiver in the family. Annie found this job to be heaven-sent and very needed. Then she starts to see who the real Ian Douglas is - depressed and just downright feeling sorry for himself after a childhood accident. Ian doesn’t want Annie around and makes her job very hard.
Annie and Ian finally start finding common ground and about able to be civil with one another but it still is a tenuous relationship. Then because they are around one another feelings start to emerge. This happens for both Annie and Ian. Annie knew she couldn’t give herself to Ian, especially of the state he was in while Ian realizes he isn’t in the right frame of mind to be in a real relationship. One night changes everything and that's when Ian finally realizes that in order to be the man that Annie deserves, he has to change his ways to be deserving of her and their relationship. Problem is, has too much damage been done or can Ian show Annie that he is a changed man or will the pain be too much of a deterrent and Annie not want to give herself and let Ian back in?
This is definitely an emotional read. Callie really outdid herself on this story. Annie and Ian’s story isn’t full of rainbows and unicorns but it is full of angst and emotions, and it wasn’t always the good, happy kind. Ian is battling his demons and Annie is the woman who is trying to be there to help him but the question is, will he let her. Also this story is about how you would get past the tragedies of your past and learn to allow yourself to be human and accept the help provided and accept the strength provided and leaning allowed by them. Will Ian do that or is Annie and his relationship doomed?  I loved Annie and how spunky and sassy she was. She was a fighter, while Ian was a moody, surly  and dark handsome man.  She had a heart of gold while Ian needed her goodness to find his way out of that dark. They are exact opposites but of course, opposites do attract. I loved this story and cannot wait to read what Callie has next out.

My Rating:  4.7    stars *****

"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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