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RELEASE BLITZ-- Erase by Lou-Ella Fields

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Title: Erase
Series: The Expiration Duet #2
Author: Lou-Ella Fields
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 28, 2017
He was everything I thought I didn't need until he became everything I couldn't live without. I let him slip through the cracks of my broken heart before the fractures had time to heal.
That was my first mistake. My second mistake was allowing myself to take another chance on love, thinking I'd survive. Now, I've fallen head first into the kind of madness that I didn't even know existed, one that devours the heart and soul. But when love is all you have, it isn't always enough.

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AUTHOR BIO 8ac69-lou-ella2bfields2blogo Lou and Ella Fields have always been lovers of the written word, especially when it comes wrapped up in a neat little package of pages and labelled romance. You can usually find them running up their phone bills as they spend hours on the phone, plotting and planning various ways to break hearts before deciding how to deliver the perfect happily ever after. AUTHOR LINKS Amazon: Facebook: Instagram: Website: Email:

*********MY REVIEW****

This is a very satisfying conclusion to book 1 “Elapse” by Lou-Ella Fields. In this book, the characters (Liv, Seb and Zeke) go thru A LOT more angst and anger was present in this book than in the last which amplified the emotions and feelings.  This book is another nail bitter for we watch Liv confronted by her unexpected intruder in her now very satisfying and happy life.  She is beset by angst, confusion and that leads to a series of decisions that can lead her down a road that may not be so happy to find her HEA.

I found for all the main characters involved, this was a painful yet necessary road that they needed to take so that they could get to a new normal so that they could start to heal for all involved. It was painful to see that for some of the characters, this was a road that at first they didn’t want to take but it had to happen. You can’t force love once it left back yet that was what Zeke was trying to do in a series of underhanded moves which caused friction. It really at times was painful to read how Liv was looking at her past vs her present and then wondering if she was doing the right thing and I wondered would SHE make the right decision for the chemistry was always so strong and right between Seb and Liv. I could literally feel it between them. Zeke never had it and he truly lost when he ran away from it all. I felt truly sorry for him but I was at least glad he did the right thing in coming back to get to meet his baby and admitting his mistakes. Liv and Seb are the real deal and made me so invested in their love and their story. Their passion is enticing and their story had me hooked back in book 1.
I loved the secondary cast of characters and how the enriched this story and added flavor. It rounded out the story and helped give background to the main characters. I will say there are many twists and turns in this story that will have you begging for more books set in this town, because I know I would love to read more with the characters brought forth. This author has a fresh writing style that makes the characters seem real and the town feels as though you grew up there. I look forward to seeing what she had next up.

My Rating:  4.9   stars *****

"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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