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Ms. West has done it again!! I love these stories about “Daddies” and their “little girls”. She writes a touching story about Carrie and how as a foster teen, she hasn’t had the best life and how she acts out to get someone, ANYONE to notice her and the only person who cares is Mike, some kind of social worker who has been assigned to her for the past 6 months and because she is about to turn of legal age, she is about to lose him. She goes to him one last time and tries to get him to notice her and he does but he cannot act out on his feelings and basically in so many words throws her words back on her and she leaves his office.  This is how the story starts and you see Mike is a man of ethics and morals- he wants Carrie but cant risk his job. He runs after Carrie and tries to be there for her and when she turns 18 and has run away, he still goes above and beyond what he should have because he knows there is something special about her.
In the beginning he and his friend Jack had run into Carrie when she was out drunk and Jack thought she trouble. But later in the story, when Mike finally got ahold of Carrie and she was in trouble and needed help, he took her to Jack’s place. Jack wasn’t there but he came back unexpectedly and boy was that a surprise. Carrie and Jack actually connected on a different level than how Mike and Carrie did. Jack found himself attracted to Carrie, just as Mike was and Jack decided he was going to fight for Carrie since Mike wasn’t. Then the two men decided since Carrie was all wild and out of control, she had never had a  firm hand and she needed one-well- she needed two and that because they both cared about her and wanted her, they would both be her daddies.
This story was so complex yet so simple and yet I loved the intensity and heat that the story produced. Carrie made me want to hug her and prove to her she was a loveable person while the two men were just HAWT!!! There is some twists and turns, some suspense and there is a bad guy in the mix to cause them grief. But the ending is beautiful and sweet. I loved how the Men punished Carrie yet also showed her that they weren’t going anywhere.
These are MMF but there is no touching between the guys, they are straight and they are all in for sharing Carrie.  This was a complex romance story that touched me and I cannot wait to read more like this from the author.

My Rating:  4.7  stars *****

"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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