Sunday, May 28, 2017

ARC REVIEW FOR Mr. Fiancé by Lauren Landish

I was super excited when I started reading Mr. Fiancé and realized who this book’s heroine was- if you read Anaconda then you will remember  Mindy – the heroine’s  sassy BFF . Well this is her love story and what a story it is.

Mindy is now the manager at Beangal's Den Coffee House. She gets a call from her mom telling she is getting married and she (Mindy) better come home for the wedding with her “fiancé” .Mindy now has to find someone to pretend to play her “loving fiancé “ but who? She turns to her BFF Brianna who confers with her hubby Gavin. He has a friend named Oliver who owes Gavin a pretty huge sum of money from when they played poker and if Oliver helps Gavin with this “favor”, he will wipe out that debt. Well, then Oliver will be playing the “ loving fiancé “ to Mindy.
Their mutual beneficial fake arrangement ends up evolving into a real relationship. There is angst, passion(A LOT OF), tons of humor, sassy banter, great chemistry between the main characters and fantastic secondary characters making reappearances. I adored the sexual tension which led to some awesome lovemaking scenes. Lauren Landish outdid herself with the followup to Anaconda. Mindy and Olivier- They had fabulous banter and hot chemistry. I look forward to reading what Ms. Landish puts out next.

My Rating:  4.8   stars *****

"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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