Thursday, April 6, 2017

ARC REVIEW OF Flawless - Manhattan Knights Series Book One by Sienna Parks

Flawless - Manhattan Knights Series Book One by [Parks, Sienna]

This is an amazingly sweet and beautiful romance story. This story is about two people that need love but there are things from their past that prevent that from happening. Xander & Lily-- Lily wasn't looking to meet her Soulmate as she had just finished doing her thesis on campus when she ran into him on her school campus but fate brought Xander into her life with push , shove and a flurry of papers. Xander a wealthy man knows that Lily is special from the moment they meet, and does everything he can to get her attention. Xander is NOT a man known to have to make a woman look twice at him but that is what he has to do with Lily. She is innocent yet very independent. Xander is so alpha and dominant yet he is so kind and considerate and he really wants to show all this to Lily. All this this new to Xander, especially after suffering thru heartbreak in his life . He never thought he would want to be in love again and what he feels for Lily, it is love.
Lily is so refreshing. She cares about others, looks out for those she cares about and worries about them. Lilly loves with every fiber of her being. She suffered greatly in her past and had a terrible heartbreak in her past which hinders her present and possibly her future. Thing about people who are broken- they can love but they love with total fear in their hearts. Will Lily be able to let go of that fear and open her heart completely to Xander and love him completely without fear?
The passion between Xander and Lily is hot and sizzling. Their chemistry is well written and engaging. This is a wonderful and beautiful love story that kept me hooked. The author wrote a fabulous male character who is so sexy and has a deliciously dirty mouth that he has he wishing he was real. This is a new author , one whom I look forward to reading more from. She has a special way of writing that immediately draws you into what she has written. I loved her book and didn’t want this story to end. I highly recommend this book & I look forward to Addi and Carter's story

My rating: 4.8 stars ****
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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