Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ARC Review of #Score by Kerrigan Grant

#Score by [Grant, Kerrigan]

This is a good read about two people who are complete opposites but they definitely attract each other. Picture it now-a professional footballer whose very cocky and an artist who is very spirited. They meet when Benji is in California with his brother and cousin and they are celebrating when he literally bumps into Ramona who is so drunk, for he spills her drink by accident on her- fireworks definitely happen. They end up losing the friends they were with and end up having to hang out with each other. Its so sweet, she is hanging out with him trying to do him a favor and he is thinking the same thing. I loved the comedy of errors that happened when they quit trying to impress and just were with each other. The illicit of Put Put golf place –yes, trust me, illicit things can and did happen here (smile). Their night of fun led to them having to make some decisions about what they were to each other down the road . Were they going to try to give themselves a real chance or were they two ships passing in the night?
This was a good story that had good structure and overall good flow, just some minor bumps along the way. At times the H was too cocky and the h somewhat annoying but isn’t everyone at some point in their lives. It did come off as rushed but overall, this was a good sports romance.

My rating: 3.9 stars ****
**I was given an ARC by Prism Heart Press in exchange for an honest review***

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