Tuesday, September 13, 2016

ARC Review of Candy Boys by Jo Raven


Wowza! Stop the presses. This is one hot and sexy read that will captivate and entice your senses; as well as your heart. The 3 MC will grab your heart and capture your interest. Their sweet like candy and oh, there are some scary moments and the humor will make you laugh out loud, but then, there are some really emotional and touchy personal subjects.
In this book we meet Candace, Jethro Connors, and Joel Kingsley. Candace has had this major crush on these men for years now but they have no clue she even exists. Finally one day, Jared comes in to where she works, a bookstore and she hears what she thinks is what he really believes about her & she thinks her ultimate fantasy is never going to happen. Then she wonders if she can’t  have both, can she have 1. Later on she happens to run into Jethro at a concert . Their interaction is flirty and sexy, Suddenly she ends up with both men in her life and its great. But Candy has a secret she hides- how will the men take her secret and how will it impact her life with them and will they accept her and will she accept them and their wants/needs. Their love story is beautiful and seductive while addressing how their love can be right even though it not the norm for relationships.
Only thing is, I would have loved to know how they faired more on the epilogue , a more down the road look; overall what a great and beautiful romance story with heart.

My rating: 4.5 stars ****

 **I was given an ARC by BeMyBookBoyfriend  in exchange for an honest review***

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