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Title: Filthy 
Author: Michelle Horst 
Genre: Dark Romance 
Cover Designer: RBA Designs

Fractured. Unwanted. Filthy. 

I'm only good for sex. That’s what I've been trained for my whole life. I'm a puppet. I only know how to be your perfect fantasy. It’s the only life I’ve ever known … until him. 

I’ve been replaced, discarded like trash. Beaten, damaged, treated like an animal, I’m forced to leave the only home I’ve ever known.

With a warped perception of what life is really like, no dignity, and no one to call my own, I’m on the verge of giving up. 

But then he saves me. For the first time in my life I’m given a choice. I can stay and have a purpose again, or I can leave and face the unknown on my own.

I choose to stay. I choose to belong. I choose to become something more than damaged goods.

Hope. It’s the one thing that kept me going. At first I hoped that I would be the perfect slave, but now I hope to be the perfect woman. He’s my damaged hero.

I want him to see me. The woman. The survivor.

He gives me strength. But all I want is his heart.

** A Stand Alone Romance. Not recommended if you don't enjoy dark romance with sensitive scenes. +18 Only ** 

********MY REVIEW********

Filthy by Michelle Horst is book 2 in the series and it is a definite dark romance. Emphasis dark--This book is Sophia's story, we met her in book 1 (Dirty) where she was rescued by River and Adam alongside Jack(Dirty). I would recommend reading book 1 to fully understand book 2.
Sophie's life started out pretty horrible... She was a Sex Slave and it wasn’t the pretty sex slave that you are imagining. Her life was humiliating, degrading and oh so brutal. She never knew love or anything gentle until Adam. She thinks she doesn’t deserve true love, anything truly good and righteous in her life yet Adam disagrees. Adam sets out to show her different and he goes about proving her wrong and giving her everything that was missing.
Again this is a very dark read so be prepared for some very graphic scenes. It is necessary, I believe, to show where Sophia came from –that depravity- and the journey she goes thru, with Adam where she learns her own self-worth. I loved Sophia’s strength in going thru her past and her courage in realizing that she has a good man in Adam. Oh and Adam-what a great man he is in becoming her tower to lean on, becoming someone who loves her for who SHE IS yet just being him and being a good honest man.
This was such a great story that I enjoyed reading, even with all the raw, horrible things that happened. Overall, this is a wonderful dark love story – Adam and Sophia make a great couple.

My Rating: 4.8 stars *****
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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