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Release Day Blitz - Sweet Alibi by Adriane Leigh w/ review

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From USA Today Bestselling author Adriane Leigh comes a passionate contemporary romance about giving in to desire so sharp and sweet it threatens to consume...

Georgia Montgomery is desperate for an escape from the life she’s been leading. The perfect job, the perfect apartment, the perfect boyfriend—all are on the cusp of driving her over the edge. On a whim, she buys a beach house on the North Carolina coast, eager to spend a summer with her college friends. She thinks she’s found the perfect balance, until one pleasure-seeking playboy turns her world on its axis. Georgia tries to ignore the tornado of emotion that sweeps through her system whenever Tristan Howell is near, but just like an addiction, one look, one taste, one touch is never enough.

The chemistry is scorching and it isn't long before the slow burn ignites into a full-blown wildfire that threatens to consume anything in its path. But Georgia and Tristan can't shelter their love from the outside world, and the moments of exquisite passion they share aren't enough to sustain the relationship. When scars from the past resurface--will their hearts meld together as one? Or will outside forces tear them apart, leaving an empty shell where love and passion once thrived?

*Note: The characters in Sweet Alibi are real and flawed--they make bad decisions and learn hard lessons. It contains a love triangle, a sweet alpha-male with a broken heart, and a leading lady that doesn't always know what she wants. If you love a character-driven romance with a hard-fought happily-ever-after, Sweet Alibi is for you. (Formerly published as The Morning After and Light in Morning duet, now with more than 10,000 words of never-before-published BONUS content!

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Gavin tossed my heavy duffel bag and I caught it just before it slammed into my chest.
    “Shithead,” I grumbled as he led the way up the beach house stairs. He hustled, taking the steps two at a time. I knew he was anxious to see Drew. A few days was the longest they’d been apart in their short relationship and from the way he talked you’d think his dick was about to fall off from lack of use. I only hoped their room was out of earshot of mine.
    Gavin knocked on the door and then stepped in. I heard footsteps pounding on wooden floors and then was blindsided when the petite form of Drew launched into Gavin. An oomph escaped his lungs before their lips connected and I heard wet tongues and small moans.
    “Seriously?” I said with a grunt. Gavin’s hands were already firmly gripping her ass and Drew’s were tugging and twisting in his hair.
    Please, dear God let their room be across the house from mine. If I had to listen to them all summer I would be spending a lot of time on my boat.
    I watched them all but hump each other in front of me before I sensed someone else enter the room. My eyes dragged across the open kitchen to land on a pair of deep brown ones watching the couple in front of me. My mind registered someone standing next to her but I couldn’t be bothered to look. All I saw was long, brown hair thrown back in a messy ponytail, stray tendrils dusting her cheekbones and curling around her neck. Her full lips were curved in a frown as she watched the couple making out in the middle of the room.
    I grinned because I knew already this summer was going to be interesting to say the least.
    Not only would I have to contend with the Gavin-Drew fuck fest that was sure to commence as of today, but I’d be living under the same roof as this beautiful creature all summer. Somehow it had escaped me that the girl who owned the beach house was a knockout. No wonder Gavin had given me the rundown on steering clear of her before we arrived. No man in his fucking mind could stay away from this girl.
    Fuck him.
    Fuck me.
    Why had he said she was hands off this summer?
    I could see right now this girl was anything but average. I knew with one glance she wasn't the type that wore her dresses a few inches too short and fuck-me heels that begged to be wrapped around my neck.
     There was something about her. Something that said she was...more. More everything. She had more depth. More sensuality. An unassuming beauty. She was stunning and she didn't even know it.
“I’m Georgia,” she introduced herself with a handshake.
     The grin grew wide on my face. I offered her my name and then addressed the couple dry humping beside me. We exchanged a few words and then she laughed, the tone low, an amused smile lifting her lips. The beautiful lips that I wanted to run the pad of my thumb along right before I pressed mine to hers. Fuck she was beautiful and I was getting hard just thinking of all the things we could do together without our clothes on.

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Adriane Leigh was born and raised in a snowbank in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and now lives among the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan lakeshore.
She graduated with a Literature degree but never particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare or Chaucer.
She is married to a tall, dark, and handsome guy, and plays mama to two sweet baby girls. She is a voracious reader and wishes she had more time to knit scarves to keep her warm during the arctic Michigan winters.
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My Review:

This is one powerful read that will carry you on a wave of emotions-sorrow, hate, love, passion, betrayal, grief, sadness, love, tenderness--- there are so many emotions that it will sweep you along a wave . Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop until the very last word.
This book is told in two parts- where she is with two men- consider it when she is with loser 1, and best man 2 and there are three hearts involved. There are emotions involved and everything is so emotion filled and at the heart of it all is Georgia . She is engaged to Kyle . They had been together for many years. She had a very sad backstory and she pretty much hung to Kyle as a safety blanket. She was coming to the realization that Kyle didn’t love her or care for her like she thought she cared for him.  Georgia ended up buying a beach house away from her fiancée/boyfriend and setting it up where her friends could come and hang out. That is where lightening hit, Kama played and destiny slide in and all played their parts.
To Georgia’s beach house party came a man named Tristan. He was a friend of Drew’s.  Tristan is a player, someone who is considered a manwhore. Yet when he sets eyes on Georgia, all of that changes. Georgia was afraid of Kyle being left alone back home , for she feared of him cheating on her, yet when Tristan sets his sets on her, then she is afraid she will fall prey to him. Then she is afraid she wants what he is offering. There is this connection, this spark between Georgia and Tristan, more so that between Kyle and Georgia. You have to read this story to understand what happens next but, lets just say, I was completely rooting at this point for them to stay the course and end up together……..and when they didn’t, I was in tears, almost to the point of throwing my kindle.
Part two—The aftermath—and the new course. Told in dual POV. There is so much about Georgia that we will get to find out and that sleaze Kyle happens to try to worm his way back. Lets just say, he is not a very nice person. Tristan is such a man, such an alpha, that you want to help him do whatever. Now there is going to be bumps and jumps in the lovers course to happiness. This is Tristan and Georgia’s story of how they come to be. It is not all happiness and light but it is true and right. I loved the ending and it was fantastic and gave me goosebumps in the most proper way. The sex between them was hot. I enjoyed myself and cannot wait to read another book from this author because she writes such stories that make me feel as if I am right there, in the middle of it all.

My rating: 5.0 stars *****

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