Thursday, June 8, 2017

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#WhisperForever by CA Harms releases June 13th!
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I wanted to forget him so many times. Erase the memories we shared and pretend he didn’t exist.
It would have made his absence easier to accept.
Lucas Rivers broke my heart more than once. In my world he was my guy, the one I’d grow old with and laugh with.
But things aren’t that simple, and time changes everything.

That naive girl with dreams of happily-ever-afters was gone. I didn’t need a man to complete me.
I was enough—no, I was more than enough.

I was strong and determined.
I was Madelyn Emery, and never again would a boy break my heart.

But the moment Lucas returned after four years, acting like we could pick up where we left off, that strength inside me shifted.
The more I tried to ignore his efforts, the harder he fought.

How can one simple word whispered by one man mean so very much?


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